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Final · Fantasy · Tactics · (And · other · games!)

Kairi threw open the door and shoved Raydran out. "YOU FUCKING FACE…

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Kairi threw open the door and shoved Raydran out. "YOU FUCKING FACE IT!" She snapped. The silver-haired woman just scowled and kept most of herself in the large cloak. Kairi sighed softly and hugged Raydran. "I want you to be happy. That's all. It's what every little sister wants."
Raydran looked off, her stare cold. She didn't say anything. Kairi sighed again, then let go and walked away.

Sal stared at Mustadio. Then JENOVA. Then Raenee. She squealed. "THAT WAS WEEEEEEEEIRD!"

Bower blinked. "No. It was PERFECTLY NORMAL." He said sarcastically.

"No, I think it was pretty damn weird." Sal grinned.

Bower groaned and smacked his forehead. "Why...are you a dumbass?"

Loki followed Raenee, but slowly. He stopped at Raydran. "I can't read minds- But you should tell your prophecy to him." He murmured gently. Raydran just stared up at the god, who was towered over her by half a foot.

"Maybe... I should stay quiet about it and just be a bitch?" She suggested, smiling softly.
"Maybe. That could be a choice. Not a very smart one." He ruffled her now-short hair and followed after Raenee.
* * *