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Mustadio looked at her and leaned against her, "I'm so so sorry....I didn't mean for that to happen...she got me angry. I didn't...I didn't think..." He sighed and swallowed hard, then hugged Raydran softly. Sy smiled.

"...Good." She turned to Sephiroth and raised an eyebrow. He smiled slightly and shrugged.

"Don't ask me."

Mustadio sighed softly, "...I'm so sorry..." He kissed her softly and tilted his head downwards. Sylvia blinked.

"...Something else is going on..."
Raenee laughed, "I think she's being truthful. I'm okay." She kissed Loki, "I just...panicked. Mustadio is one of my best friends. I didn't...like to see him under someone else's control, I guess....especially her's. Mother is being sincere with her peace offering." She kissed him again and laughed, "Hehe...sorry."

She paused, "She...Ajora is okay when her intents are pure. She wasn't always evil and we both know that. Perhaps this will revert her to her old self..."
Ajora smiled and looked up.

"I've been a bitch just because she's happy...I need to stop being so selfish." She vowed to try to change again.

'I hope I can do this..'
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