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Sephiroth blinked, "Hehe. Actually, considering these morons, that WAS pretty normal..." Sylvia looked at Mustadio and winced.

"He's okay, right? I mean...she threw a SHOT GLASS at his head. That can give a person a concussion..." She sniggered softly and looked at Raydran, raising an eyebrow. Then she shook her head, "For some reason, I cannot see your future." She scowled and looked back at Mustadio and sighed gently. Sephiroth looked at Raydran and a shade of hurt filmed his eyes. Sylvia looked at Raydran again, and her face filled with shock.

"So you're..." Her eyes blazed for a moment and she ignored the silver haired woman, anger in her motions. Sephiroth sighed. Sylvia blinked a few times.

"I can't touch holy water, Kami. Help me with this," She threw her bag at him and he laughed.

"I can't touch it, either! I'm as much vampire as you are, Sy. Make someone else touch it...." He looked around and shook his head, "Just use a potion..."

"No, Holy Water works better." "So turn back into Alucard." "I guess that'd work...but it's hard to turn back into Sy." "Then use a damned X-Potion!" She laughed and used one on him. Mustadio sat up and shivered softly. He looked at Raydran and lowered his eyes.

"...I'm sorry what I did, everyone..."

Alma bounced up and down, smiling, "It's okay, I'm sure you didn't mean to.."

Mustadio's eyes became haunted and he got up, "T..that's the point. I meant to."
Raenee sat on her bed and drew her knees to her chest. She shut her eyes and shook her head, "...This...this wasn't supposed to happen. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Something is messing with time..." She felt someone play with her hair. She turned and sighed. Ajora.

"Someone is messing with time, dear. And I think our problem is bigger than simply JENOVA." Raenee nodded and Ajora smiled.

"I think it's time I started helping you instead of making your life a living hell. The only reason I was mad is....you married into the family that killed me. But we REALLY have to work together on this," She muttered. Raenee nodded.

"So that's a peace offer?"

"Yes, that's a peace offer."

Raenee and Ajora shook hands, then Ajora left the room, almost running into Loki. She just flashed him a smile and left.

Raenee smiled, "How weird."
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