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Loki nodded, staring at the two. "Awkward, but... it matters not." He kissed her slightly.
Sal blinked. "WOW. What happened?" She looked around, then at Ace, then she skipped to the the bar. "So, where's Mustadio?" She asked no one in particular.
Bower shrugged. Sal blinked. "He'd usually be around... Ramza's party..."
"You're... kinda retarded, huh? Dumbass... He left for that cave, remember?"

Kairi... then came into the bar. "Where's Raydran?" She snapped, her usually friendly blue eyes harsh.
Loki pointed to her room, not wanting to get in the way of a sister and a sister. Kairi stormed into Raydran's room, and in the background, Ray was crying.

Salryhes paused. "We came at a baaad time." She grinned. "OH WELL!"

* * *