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A profile for Sylvia, Alucard's "other personality"

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Raenee purred gently and laughed, "Ramza, it DOES look like you're together with Alma." Ramza blushed bright red and muttered something. Alma giggled and sat in the seat next to him. He got up and stormed after Cecil. Raenee shook her head and Alma bounced slightly over to Izlude and wrapped her arms around him. He looked up at her and smiled slightly.

"Hi. You okay now?" He asked softly. She nodded.

"I'm okay now...not so panicky..."

Sylvia..or whoever she was at the time smiled and shook her head, "Feels nice to breathe. How come you were surpressing me? I wasn't going to DO anything..." She smiled lovingly at Sephiroth. Sephiroth blushed insanely for a moment, then regained his composure. The small "Alucard" girl had changed immensely. She was slightly taller, had black hair to mid-back...and was a vampire herself. She had a Victorian Era gothic look to her that was just out and out creepy.

She turned and smiled, "Someone take this holy water shit out of her bag, I can't touch it."

Raenee blinked, "....I lied. I KNOW they're in love..." She blinked and shivered, "Creepy vampire lady."
NAME :: Sylvia
AGE :: Older than you think she is
JOB/CLASS :: ..Creepy vampire lady.
WEAPON :: Black magic, claws, and her friggin' teeth, and a fan
LOOKS :: Mid-back length black hair, silver eyes, pale skin, 5'1", Victorian Era gothic princess clothes, long red nails that aren't dyed with nail polish
PROFILE :: Alucard's other side, normally hidden for obvious reasons. While Alucard hunts vampires, she isn't aware that part of her IS a vampire. Sylvia is very much in love with Sephiroth, and has known him for a long time because they were a part of the same experiment. She is also able to tell the future, though she'd rather not.
She has an obsession with blood, as most vampires do, and tends to stay on the battlefield after a battle is over. She catchs up after about 15 minutes, and is normally not hungry after that.
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