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Raydran scowled slightly, keeping her eyes down. Sure, she glanced at Kami, but then she kept her face to the floor. "I'm not a bad person..." She hissed.

Loki coughed slightly, his eyes somewhat wide. He looked at Raenee, then couldn't help but laugh slightly.

Cecil whimpered. "WHAT ABOUT ME?!!"

Raydran smirked slightly. "Just ask your guardian." She grumbled, standing up. She swayed a bit, then stumbled upstairs, brushing past Sephiroth.

Cecil blinked. "Uhm... Loki, what's she talking about? WHY is she keeping my future secret?!"

Loki tilted his head slightly, smiling. "She's right to keep it quiet. You have to just live in suspense, dear Cecilia."
Cecil scowled. "Don't call me that..." She muttered under her breath.

* * *