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Uhm...bweeples. Chyeah. d00d. THE DUCKIES ARE COMING! RUUUN!

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Alucard smiled, "Yes. End of this week exactly. I've got a connection with all creatures related to the "heavens". I could read your mind right now." She turned to Raydran, "I KNOW YOU!" She twirled. Sephiroth walked in and blinked, then walked aside and froze at Alucard.

"You sure took your DAMNED sweet time getting here. Where the FUCK were you!?" He growled. Alucard smirked.

"Well, fuck, you're in a bad mood, Kams. What's up?" She giggled, "And I took my time because I can."

"Well, you're a part of whatever this is. Have you told them yet?"

"Does it matter?"

"...Not really, but you might startle people with it because of who you are...and what you are...and you're probably going to be staying with us. I thought you ought to tell them."

"Nah." She looked at Raydran, "....You really aren't the best of people. Stop following an image and follow your heart, Miss Raydran...or dire consequences will fall and you shall lose both of the only people who have ever wanted to hold you close." She smiled warmly, "And remember, don't hurt those who love you." She twirls and smiled at Loki.

"And you've got children in your future. A TON of children. Your girlfriend's hella fertile. And...Aww, you have a marriage in the near future..." She looked at Cecil and smiled slight, "...hehe..I'm keeping that one secret."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes, "I didn't mean THAT one. I meant the other one."

"Oh...ehehe....I have a lot of skills."

"I don't think being a boy and a girl is a skill."

"SURE IT IS! As long as I can control when I turn into a boy ...."

Raenee blinked and snorted, "A'kay, I just learned a lot of shit today."
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