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I'm shutting this down. I'm too depressed to RP anymore. I hate everyone, mostly, and I don't like this anymore. It's a good idea, but I'm going to discontinue it. If anyone wants to use my characters, feel free. Not Raenee, though. Please, ask my permission before using Raenee in anything, unless you're Raven or Alynxia, or Emily.

Thank you.

Raenilah Demetria Valentine
Creater of FFT_RP_Session

* * *
Raydran blinked. "He told me that he loved Ramza. Delita, I mean..." She tried to recall whatever he said in that one, horrible memory. She didn't say anything about Jacob, but instead worried about Anna. And she truly couldn't give a shit about Delita.
Then she stopped. "Cecil."
Cecil looked up at him. "Okay. I'll stop..." Then she started giggling. "If you love me so much... get me a water... please?" She kissed him softly, smiling. SURE she had a throbbing headache and SURE she felt like throwing up, BUT WATER ALWAYS MAKES IT FEEL BETTER. Unless... it's really bad... Hangovers... Cecil shivered. Those were the worst.
Loki smiled sweetly and kissed her gently. "And I'm in love with you." He murmured against her lips. He held her close, his eyes gentle. "I hope we do have more time together... with... you know... HIM coming and all.." He looked a little pained to admit that they wouldn't be doing this as much. They were tangled in a web of confusion.
* * *
Mustadio nodded, "I know, I know. ...She did kill Jacob. That's what made me lose control in the first place." He held her tightly. Sylvia looked back at them.

"I hate to break up your guys' love fest, but something's headed this way and it isn't pleasant. I sense Delita," Her eyes glowed slightly and she shook her head, "Yeah. Delita. He's going to infiltrate the town. He's looking for Ramza..." She scowled.

Sephiroth frowned, "How did we get caught up in this?"

"No fuckin' clue."
Ramza smiled, "....Cecil...I'm not in love with my sister, not like that. I'm not going to lie to you, though, I was in love with her at one point. But I'm not now. I'm in love with you. Don't think I'm going to leave you. Alma is my sister and I love her like I should. We're siblings. I'm not intimate with her, I just love her as I should..." He kissed Cecil gently, then pulled her close, "Sweetheart, why do you doubt me? I'm not going to leave. I'm staying right here. Stop doubting me. I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. Please, stop...thinking I'm going to leave."
Raenee laughed, "Ramza and Alma have always been like that. At one point, they swore they'd marry each other. They're past that phase now, though. Now they're in love with other people, and they'll marry who they must. Ramza doesn't have a choice in the matter of who he marries. It's Cecil or nothing. Just like Cecil can't marry anyone else but Ramza. Alma is in love with Izlude, I can feel that much." She smiled and shook her head, "And I'm in love with you." She leaned forward and kissed Loki gently.

"So I need to stop fretting and enjoy the time I have with you, since it's about to get limited....something's headed our way."
* * *
Raydran nodded. "I know people move on... But... it's hard." She scowled at the pendant. "He... he's dead, isn't he? My... little boy... is dead..." She took it quietly and stared at it. She looked past the darkness and saw some beauty, then it was sad and depressing. "I'm not strong.. But I'll try to be." She smiled at Mustadio. "I'm glad there's at least one person I can trust..." She leaned on him, lowering her eyes.
Cecil then broke into tears. "IT'S NOT FUNNY!!! I'M SERIOUS!!" She threw a pillow at him. "And you sure do pay a lot of attention to her... Even if you do call it 'brotherly acts'. Doesn't MEAN anything! You sure are INTIMATE!" She snapped. Then she sighed heavily.
"Oh, whatever..." She sniffled and stopped crying. "I need water."
Loki nodded. "From how they acted, it's hard NOT to wonder about Ramza and Alma." He then smiled gently. "I remember... What happened..." He shouldn't have been smiling, but he couldn't help it. "I guess Cecil's...just hurt with the fact that she's starting to feel neglected." He laughed. "That's hard to believe, though."
* * *
Mustadio sighed softly, "I...I'm sorry about Sephiroth. He didn't mean to do that, but people do move on. There's something going on, and we're far past chasing a woman because she kidnapped someone dear to our leader. I've got a lot of power with me right now, but I'm easily manipulated." He took off the pendent he had on and offered it to Ray, "You'd be better off with it. No matter what you do with it, I'll follow you. Just keep it away from JENOVA. I won't be able to. She liked weak people, and you're far from weak." He pressed his lips to hers gently.

"People will lie to you, people will try to cheat you, and they'll try to hurt you. I swear on my mother's grave, however, that I will remain true to you until the day that I die."
Ramza stood there for a moment...then burst into laughter, "Cecil, love, lemme tell you something. Alma and I are as close as two siblings can get, we love each other a lot. We're like twins. But she's in love with Izlude, and I'm in love with you. We don't love each other like that. I'll hold her, kiss her, tell her I love her, but those are all brotherly acts." He laughed again, and shook his head, "Oh, this is too funny." He sat next to Cecil and held her tightly.

"Don't cry, my love, my only. Don't worry, either. I don't love anyone but you, and I doubt I will. As long as you stay true to me, I'll stay true to you. Alma is my SISTER. Nothing more. Nothing less. I love her with all my heart, but not in the same manner that I love you. Understand?"
Raenee laughed, "I think Ramza just set Cecil straight about his situation with Alma. I think it has to do with the Teta incident....he doesn't wanna lose his sister like Delita lost his. Teta is alive, though..." Her eyes became curious, "Not that I haven't wondered about Alma and Ramza..."
* * *
* * *
Raydran kissed back, holding him tightly. She hid her hurt, the hurt from knowing the fact that Sephiroth was done with her. She rested her chin on Mustadio's shoulder, closing her eyes. It didn't matter... most men lied to her... Except one.
"You... no... I'm sorry..." She whispered.
Cecil pouted, hugging herself. She glared at Ramza, then sniffled and turned away from him. "You love your sister more than me, don't you? I can tell... The way you look at her... And hold her..." She sighed heavily. "What do I care? It's your choice." Her voice was sad and shaky. She... was truly hurt. Either that, or liquor was taking control. It didn't matter- she was on the brink of tears.
Loki kissed back, listening and nodding when appropriate. He then smiled. "No need to be sorry. I'm pretty sure that Ajora will... be... more kind... She should." He held her tightly, kissing her cheek gently.
* * *
Mustadio looked at her and leaned against her, "I'm so so sorry....I didn't mean for that to happen...she got me angry. I didn't...I didn't think..." He sighed and swallowed hard, then hugged Raydran softly. Sy smiled.

"...Good." She turned to Sephiroth and raised an eyebrow. He smiled slightly and shrugged.

"Don't ask me."

Mustadio sighed softly, "...I'm so sorry..." He kissed her softly and tilted his head downwards. Sylvia blinked.

"...Something else is going on..."
Raenee laughed, "I think she's being truthful. I'm okay." She kissed Loki, "I just...panicked. Mustadio is one of my best friends. I didn't...like to see him under someone else's control, I guess....especially her's. Mother is being sincere with her peace offering." She kissed him again and laughed, "Hehe...sorry."

She paused, "She...Ajora is okay when her intents are pure. She wasn't always evil and we both know that. Perhaps this will revert her to her old self..."
Ajora smiled and looked up.

"I've been a bitch just because she's happy...I need to stop being so selfish." She vowed to try to change again.

'I hope I can do this..'
* * *
Raydran looked at Mustadio, then she kneeled down next to him. She touched his cheek quietly, then kissed him. "It's okay." She mumbled gently. Her crimson eyes were gentle as they rested upon his.
Loki looked at Ajora oddly for one second, then looked at Raenee. "A peace offering? Are you sure that she'll follow through?" He shook his head and sat next to her. "Are you okay?" He asked softly, his eyes gentle. Then he pulled her into his lap.
* * *
Sephiroth blinked, "Hehe. Actually, considering these morons, that WAS pretty normal..." Sylvia looked at Mustadio and winced.

"He's okay, right? I mean...she threw a SHOT GLASS at his head. That can give a person a concussion..." She sniggered softly and looked at Raydran, raising an eyebrow. Then she shook her head, "For some reason, I cannot see your future." She scowled and looked back at Mustadio and sighed gently. Sephiroth looked at Raydran and a shade of hurt filmed his eyes. Sylvia looked at Raydran again, and her face filled with shock.

"So you're..." Her eyes blazed for a moment and she ignored the silver haired woman, anger in her motions. Sephiroth sighed. Sylvia blinked a few times.

"I can't touch holy water, Kami. Help me with this," She threw her bag at him and he laughed.

"I can't touch it, either! I'm as much vampire as you are, Sy. Make someone else touch it...." He looked around and shook his head, "Just use a potion..."

"No, Holy Water works better." "So turn back into Alucard." "I guess that'd work...but it's hard to turn back into Sy." "Then use a damned X-Potion!" She laughed and used one on him. Mustadio sat up and shivered softly. He looked at Raydran and lowered his eyes.

"...I'm sorry what I did, everyone..."

Alma bounced up and down, smiling, "It's okay, I'm sure you didn't mean to.."

Mustadio's eyes became haunted and he got up, "T..that's the point. I meant to."
Raenee sat on her bed and drew her knees to her chest. She shut her eyes and shook her head, "...This...this wasn't supposed to happen. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Something is messing with time..." She felt someone play with her hair. She turned and sighed. Ajora.

"Someone is messing with time, dear. And I think our problem is bigger than simply JENOVA." Raenee nodded and Ajora smiled.

"I think it's time I started helping you instead of making your life a living hell. The only reason I was mad is....you married into the family that killed me. But we REALLY have to work together on this," She muttered. Raenee nodded.

"So that's a peace offer?"

"Yes, that's a peace offer."

Raenee and Ajora shook hands, then Ajora left the room, almost running into Loki. She just flashed him a smile and left.

Raenee smiled, "How weird."
* * *
Kairi threw open the door and shoved Raydran out. "YOU FUCKING FACE IT!" She snapped. The silver-haired woman just scowled and kept most of herself in the large cloak. Kairi sighed softly and hugged Raydran. "I want you to be happy. That's all. It's what every little sister wants."
Raydran looked off, her stare cold. She didn't say anything. Kairi sighed again, then let go and walked away.

Sal stared at Mustadio. Then JENOVA. Then Raenee. She squealed. "THAT WAS WEEEEEEEEIRD!"

Bower blinked. "No. It was PERFECTLY NORMAL." He said sarcastically.

"No, I think it was pretty damn weird." Sal grinned.

Bower groaned and smacked his forehead. "Why...are you a dumbass?"

Loki followed Raenee, but slowly. He stopped at Raydran. "I can't read minds- But you should tell your prophecy to him." He murmured gently. Raydran just stared up at the god, who was towered over her by half a foot.

"Maybe... I should stay quiet about it and just be a bitch?" She suggested, smiling softly.
"Maybe. That could be a choice. Not a very smart one." He ruffled her now-short hair and followed after Raenee.
* * *
* * *
Raenee paused and looked at Sal seriously, "Mustadio....he...." Her eyes became depressed, "He..." She sighed, "Jenova tricked him into..." She bowed her head and found she couldn't complete the sentence. Her eyes became pained, "He's not...coming back so soon..."

Sylvia smiled at Sephiroth, then her eyes grew wide, "WATCH OUT!" She shoved him down and something sharp sailed right over their heads. There was a soft cursing voice.

"Stupid boy, you missed!"

"I'm sorry. They ducked..."

Sylvia stood and sighed softly, "You changed your mind?" JENOVA smirked.

"I realised that you were here, and decided to leap into action. I REALLY don't like silly little emo girls."

"It's not emo..." She stood slowly and glared, "It's GOTH!!!" She slammed her whip into JENOVA's side. Or...rather, she tried. Mustadio easily wrapped the whip around his swallow and ripped it out of her hands, flinging it to the other side of the bar. Sylvia pouted.

"It's not fair that you have a puppet. Also, it's not fair because he's destined for something else." "What? To make that silly little silver haired wench happy?" "I don't know. You've clouded his mind. I just know that he wants out. And that's he's meant for something else." JENOVA rolled her eyes.

"I'm allowed to cheat, you aren't. It's as simple as that. The only one who could dispel cheating...was Sephiroth's mother. And she eventually lost to me, anyway!"

Raenee blinked slowly, then threw a shot glass...at Mustadio. A crash was heard, "WAKE UP! WAKE UP NOW!" Mustadio fell down. JENOVA blinked.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" Raenee smiled.

"Uhm..." Everyone in the room stared at her. She blushed cutely.

Sylvia smirked, "A distraction is what it was..." JENOVA blinked, then ran like hell. Mustadio groaned and sat up on his knees.

"Wha...what the...why does my head hurt so bad?"

Raenee giggled, "I threw a shot glass at it."

Mustadio stared at her, then shook his head and groaned again, "I..dun wanna...know..."

Raenee tittered nervously, "Yeah...I think I overreacted a little bit."

Again, all eyes were on her. She did a two fingered salute ((The one I do when I'm saying hello)) and ran off to her room. Mustadio sighed.

"What a fun filled day, and I don't think it's over. Why am I dressed like this?" Sephiroth hiccupped and blushed slightly at the hiccup.

"Looks better on you?"

"Mmmnh. I'mma kill her later..."

And that being said, poor Mustadio passed out cold.

(( That took about 2 hours. And it was damned fun. Especially chucking a shot glass at Mustadio's head. Yeah, that was fun. ))
* * *
Loki nodded, staring at the two. "Awkward, but... it matters not." He kissed her slightly.
Sal blinked. "WOW. What happened?" She looked around, then at Ace, then she skipped to the the bar. "So, where's Mustadio?" She asked no one in particular.
Bower shrugged. Sal blinked. "He'd usually be around... Ramza's party..."
"You're... kinda retarded, huh? Dumbass... He left for that cave, remember?"

Kairi... then came into the bar. "Where's Raydran?" She snapped, her usually friendly blue eyes harsh.
Loki pointed to her room, not wanting to get in the way of a sister and a sister. Kairi stormed into Raydran's room, and in the background, Ray was crying.

Salryhes paused. "We came at a baaad time." She grinned. "OH WELL!"

* * *
Raenee purred gently and laughed, "Ramza, it DOES look like you're together with Alma." Ramza blushed bright red and muttered something. Alma giggled and sat in the seat next to him. He got up and stormed after Cecil. Raenee shook her head and Alma bounced slightly over to Izlude and wrapped her arms around him. He looked up at her and smiled slightly.

"Hi. You okay now?" He asked softly. She nodded.

"I'm okay now...not so panicky..."

Sylvia..or whoever she was at the time smiled and shook her head, "Feels nice to breathe. How come you were surpressing me? I wasn't going to DO anything..." She smiled lovingly at Sephiroth. Sephiroth blushed insanely for a moment, then regained his composure. The small "Alucard" girl had changed immensely. She was slightly taller, had black hair to mid-back...and was a vampire herself. She had a Victorian Era gothic look to her that was just out and out creepy.

She turned and smiled, "Someone take this holy water shit out of her bag, I can't touch it."

Raenee blinked, "....I lied. I KNOW they're in love..." She blinked and shivered, "Creepy vampire lady."
NAME :: Sylvia
AGE :: Older than you think she is
JOB/CLASS :: ..Creepy vampire lady.
WEAPON :: Black magic, claws, and her friggin' teeth, and a fan
LOOKS :: Mid-back length black hair, silver eyes, pale skin, 5'1", Victorian Era gothic princess clothes, long red nails that aren't dyed with nail polish
PROFILE :: Alucard's other side, normally hidden for obvious reasons. While Alucard hunts vampires, she isn't aware that part of her IS a vampire. Sylvia is very much in love with Sephiroth, and has known him for a long time because they were a part of the same experiment. She is also able to tell the future, though she'd rather not.
She has an obsession with blood, as most vampires do, and tends to stay on the battlefield after a battle is over. She catchs up after about 15 minutes, and is normally not hungry after that.
* * *
Cecil stared off. "Sealed? What the fuck?" She huffed out a bit and sat at the bar, scowling. Her brain hurt, her hangover was coming when she was awake, and she was kinda pissed that no one would tell her anything. "LUCK OF THE GODS MY ASS!! MY FRIEND IS PROLLY GONNA KILL HERSELF BECAUSE SHE LOVES SOMEONE WHO SHE SHOULDN'T LOVE AND SHE CAN'T FIND OUT WHAT TO DO, MY BOYFRIEND IS WITH HIS SISTER, AND I FEEL LIKE SHIT, AND MY DAMN GUARDIAN IS KEEPING SECRETS! I HATE YOU ALL!" She turned around and pouted.

Loki sighed and looked at Raenee. He kissed her lightly. "I bet they are."
Sal blinked. "FINALLY! WE'RE HERE!" She ran into the bar, sliding a bit and crashing into Cecil. "WOOT! NICE LANDING!"
Bower scowled. "Dumbass."
Ace hobbled away from Cecil, who blinked. Cecil then shoved past Sal and grabbed Ace's collar.
Cecil pouted. "More things to bitch about... Whatever..." She let her father go and stomped upstairs.
* * *
Alucard sniggered, "Whhaaaatever!" She bounced around and looked at Raydran, "I didn't say you were a bad person. Just that you aren't the best person in the world." She looked at Cecil and giggled.

"Your fate is sealed. No matter how bumpy the road is, you have the luck of the gods." She twirled and giggled. Then she looked outside.

"They'll be here soon! SOOOOON!"

Sephiroth sighed softly and shook his head, "Stop showing off, Alucard." She pouted.

"I LIKE SHOWING OFF!" She laughed softly and hugged Sephiroth. Sephiroth hugged back. Alucard giggled and swirled around again. She was a very odd girl. Her eyes glowed slightly and Sephiroth smiled.

"Hello, Sylvia." he muttered. She blinked and looked around.

"Dammit, I wish I wouldn't have to SLEEP for so damned long...."

Raenee turned her attention to Loki and clung to him, then whispered, "I think they're in love with one another ..."

* * *
* * *
Raydran scowled slightly, keeping her eyes down. Sure, she glanced at Kami, but then she kept her face to the floor. "I'm not a bad person..." She hissed.

Loki coughed slightly, his eyes somewhat wide. He looked at Raenee, then couldn't help but laugh slightly.

Cecil whimpered. "WHAT ABOUT ME?!!"

Raydran smirked slightly. "Just ask your guardian." She grumbled, standing up. She swayed a bit, then stumbled upstairs, brushing past Sephiroth.

Cecil blinked. "Uhm... Loki, what's she talking about? WHY is she keeping my future secret?!"

Loki tilted his head slightly, smiling. "She's right to keep it quiet. You have to just live in suspense, dear Cecilia."
Cecil scowled. "Don't call me that..." She muttered under her breath.

* * *
Alucard smiled, "Yes. End of this week exactly. I've got a connection with all creatures related to the "heavens". I could read your mind right now." She turned to Raydran, "I KNOW YOU!" She twirled. Sephiroth walked in and blinked, then walked aside and froze at Alucard.

"You sure took your DAMNED sweet time getting here. Where the FUCK were you!?" He growled. Alucard smirked.

"Well, fuck, you're in a bad mood, Kams. What's up?" She giggled, "And I took my time because I can."

"Well, you're a part of whatever this is. Have you told them yet?"

"Does it matter?"

"...Not really, but you might startle people with it because of who you are...and what you are...and you're probably going to be staying with us. I thought you ought to tell them."

"Nah." She looked at Raydran, "....You really aren't the best of people. Stop following an image and follow your heart, Miss Raydran...or dire consequences will fall and you shall lose both of the only people who have ever wanted to hold you close." She smiled warmly, "And remember, don't hurt those who love you." She twirls and smiled at Loki.

"And you've got children in your future. A TON of children. Your girlfriend's hella fertile. And...Aww, you have a marriage in the near future..." She looked at Cecil and smiled slight, "...hehe..I'm keeping that one secret."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes, "I didn't mean THAT one. I meant the other one."

"Oh...ehehe....I have a lot of skills."

"I don't think being a boy and a girl is a skill."

"SURE IT IS! As long as I can control when I turn into a boy ...."

Raenee blinked and snorted, "A'kay, I just learned a lot of shit today."
* * *
Loki stared at Raydran. Cecil blinked.
"OHMAHGAD! RAY! ARE YOU OKAY?!" She dashed next to her friend, who started coughing and sat up.
"I'm fine..." She grumbled. Then she closed her eyes and leaned on Cecil. "I'm sorry. I'm a bitch. I'm always wrong. I always follow the wrong paths."
Cecil lowered her eyes and patted Ray's head, a look of concern on her face.
Loki glared at Raydran. "What's your prophecy, Samurai?" He snapped.
Raydran scowled. "You should shut the fuck up right now." She replied. Loki's face didn't change toward the woman. Instead, he looked away, clenching his fist a bit.
"You'll have to say sometime." He growled.
"Maybe not right now."
Cecil scowled. "LOKI! HUSH! RAY! YOU, TOO!" Raydran scowled.
"Fine. I'm... oh... wait..." She shoved her hands in her pockets. Then looked at Cecil. "Uhm... Can you buy me a room? Please?" Cecil nodded.

Then Loki looked at Alucard. "End of this week exactly?" He asked.

* * *
Alucard frowned, "...SHE'S A VAMPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!" Then she turned and smiled cutely at Loki, "Yep. I can kill Gods, Goddesses, Vampires, Zombies, and other generic household pests!" She twirled around and looked at Raydran again, "..She's not okay, is she?" Alucard bustled over to her and knelt net to her, then took out a vial of something and sprinkled it on Raydran's head, then slowly moved downwards with it. Ramza blinked.

"What are you doing?"

"This is holy water. It's known to heal disease and hunger, pain and wounds, and it calms you. It have a lot of it," She smiled warmly, "She's not really a vampire, or else she'd been screaming in agony. Normally, when someone likes me and trusts me, this is how I test if they're human or not. Vampires don't actually hate the sunlight. They have to blend in, so they learned to enjoy the sunlight as much as normal humans. They're normal until night falls, then they become horrible creatures of the night that serve Jenova herself." She smiled brightly and stood.

"....She's near, you know," Alucard stood up and smiled, tilting her head to the side, "Very VERY near..." Her cloak shifted to an odd sky blue colour. Raenee blinked and shook her head.

"How near!?" Raenee grew worried.

"Near, yet far..."

"No puzzles, tell me!"

"She'll be attacking within the end of the week. Concentrate on the others heading our way for now."
* * *
Cecil tilted her head a bit, feeling somewhat ignored. She decided not to think on it and just drink a lot. She'd do that, anyway...

Loki smiled gently and kissed Raenee back. "That's good. And... We all are having trouble in such dark times." He then threw his stare to Alucard. "You can kill gods?" He smirked slightly. "Well, that is... really useful..."

As he said that, the door flew open. In it's frame was the pale, shivering, and crying Raydran Moody. Cecil looked at her for a second, looked back at her drink, then looked back at Raydran.
Raydran didn't reply. She collapsed on the ground.

Sal blinked. "Gahdamn. I don't wanna walk." She jumped on Bower and he fell to the ground.
"FACK!" He caught her and she giggled.
"Carry me." She demanded.
"How..'bout.. I CHUCK YOU IN A RIVER!!"
"No. Carrying me sounds nice."
Bower stopped, huffed out a bit, then sighed. "I hate you." He growled. Sal just grinned.
Ace was dragging his feet, sick of them bickering.
* * *
* * *
Raenee smiled and threw her arms around Loki, purring gently, "I'm fine, dear." She stood on tip toes and kissed him softly but passionately. Ramza hugged Alma from behind, making her jump four or five feet. He laughed softly and Alma frowned.

"Who is he?" "Loki, or whatever.." "...Loki? Isn't he a bad god that no one really likes?" "Kinda sorta." She blinked, "Kinda sorta, Brother Ramza?" "...Yeeeeah....I suck with words right now, because I think I'm moderately drunk." Alma giggled.

Raenee looked at Loki happily, "I love you. I'm sorry, I've been caught up with...you know." She sighed and then smiled again, tilting her head and getting her long blonde hair out of her face.

Alucard smirked, "It comes, the masters of butchering technology...and the mistress of Hell and her puppet seek a new plan." She smirked, "Vampires on the horizen, call the Belmont name..." She swirled to Loki and smirked, "You're gonna need my help, aren't you?"

Raenee paused, "Why...?"

"Because, I hunt vampires, I can kill the immortal...." Raenee's eyes widened.

"You can kill a GOD!?"
* * *
Loki stared at Alucard, hiding his face of surprise. He was good at that. And he hid his face of irritation as she poked him.. and...
Cecil pounced up to him and blinked. "I feel someone's coming." She warned quickly, pouncing off to Ramza. She grinned and kissed his cheek. "Nice day, huh?"

Loki glanced out the window. "For once, she may be right." He then smiled and touched Raenee's cheek. "I haven't been talking to you much... How are you, love?"

Sal blinked. "Well... Uhm... Hrm..." She dragged the whiny, thrashing Ace. Bower was staring up at the sky, his hands in his pockets, his face soft, but emotionless all the same.

"Are we there yet?" He asked quietly.

"NOPE!" She grinned and pointed to Goug. "It looks so beautiful."

* * *
Alucard looked at Loki, "DUDE! You've got the...uhm..what's that word...uhm...OH! You've got the....aura of a Vampire! YOU'RE IMMORTAL AND YOU SUCK OUT PEOPLES' SOULS!" She squealed. Raenee looked up.

"What the fuck!? Loki isn't a fuckin' vampire, he's a GOD!!"



Alma looked at her, "W-What?"

Raenee froze and giggled sheepishly, "Noooothing..." Alma frowned.

"Goddess?" "Ajora is my mother." "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!?" Alma stared at her with horrified eyes. Meanwhile, Alucard walked over to Loki and poked him.

"Ohmahgoddesses, hi. Hi hi hi hi HI!" She poked him again and giggled softly. Raenee looked at Alucard in the middle of explaining to Alma.

"Stop poking him or I'll take your freaking head off."

"EEP! YES MA'AM!" She scurried over to her seat to bug Izlude, who was staring at her weapon that she had cracked earlier.



* * *
Cecil blinked. Looking from Izlude to Alucard, then Ramza, then Izlude, then Alucard, then Agrias, THEN Raenee, and then Alma, and finally Loki. Who had decided not to be a fuck-face and walk in. She grinned.
"NOT EVEN MARRIED AND YOU HAVE KIDS!!" She pounced off the ground. Loki scowled slightly.
"And babysitting you doesn't count?"
Cecil gasped. "MEEEE?! Babysit... MEE?!??" She pointed to herself, and looked around, as if she were embarrassed. Which... she wasn't... she was drunk... she had no idea what she was saying. "WELL! CHU KNOW WHAT?!!" She opened her mouth as if to say something, but she forgot. Again. She growled and tapped her foot. Then looked at Loki. Then paused. "I... uhm..." She tapped her fingers on her arm, then huffed. "Fack it."
Loki sniggered slightly and brushed past her, sitting at the bar in his quiet, far-off, creepy way. But... That... was what made him mega hott. Because mysterious doods were like... super mega hott.
Sal blinked. Bower stared at the man...cat... guy... "Ace? FUCKING ACE?!!" He exclaimed, because words had totally escaped Sal. Because... she's a dumb blonde... that's what they do... The goggled cat/man/mechanical guy looked up, his face black with smoke, as if something had exploded... in his face... Sal, full of PURE EXCITEMENT tackle-hugged her foster father and grinned.
Bower scowled. He decided not to say anything. Ace coughed slightly.
"Erm... Good. Very good. I sink. I SINK. AH-FAAACK!" He laughed heartily (you know, one of those deep laughs that are in your stomach) and patted Sal on her shoulder. Sal... looked about near tears. Happy tears, of course.

Sal finally caught on. "Why are you so twitchy? You KNOW who Cecil is. Why... don't you.. like... uhm..."
Bower scowled. "'Want to see her?'"
Sal gasped. "YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUTTA MAH MOUTH!" She giggled. "Anyway, what he said."
Ace twiddled his fingers, his tail flicking nervously. His ear twitched. "Erm... you see... uh... Sheshil..."
"Cecil?" Sal corrected.
"Yesh- SHESHIL- She... knowwwwsh meh... and... she dun liiike meh..." Ace continued to look around. Sal paused.
Sal giggled. "What a nucking fut!"
* * *
Izlude looked over at the girl sitting next to Ramza and Alma and snickered, "I'm Izlude Tingel. Nice to meet you, Cecil." He smirked and shook his head, "And who the fuck is ... oooh. That chick that ... Vormov REALLY doesn't like. I don't think Meliadoul likes her much, either. Whatever..." He took a sip of his drink and looked back over at the girl, then smiled charmingly at Cecil. He wasn't TRYING to be charming, but...he was charming no matter what he did. Alucard looked over and giggled.

"Hi! Either of you feel like gamblin'?" She asked, giggling still. Izlude rolled his eyes.

"You're a little girl. Like hell we're gonna gamble with you," He replied.


"Then, DAMN, you're fuckin' SHORT!" "I AM NOT SHORT!! SHUTTUP! I'LL RIP YOUR LUNGS OUT AND SHOVE 'EM UP YER BLOODY NOSE!" "Hehe...I'd like to see you try...." "I WILL, YOU BASTARD!!!!"

Raenee walked in right about now and stared at the small girl screaming at Izlude, with poor Cecil in the middle seat. She snorted.

"What the f..." Her eyes widened, "ALMA!" Alma whirled and her eyes also got wide.

"M-MAMA!?" They embraced tightly, both crying openly. Ramza blinked a few times and shook his head. Alucard made a funny face.

"Oh, dude, crying in public...not...not cool." She rolled off her seat and punched Izlude in the arm, "I'm not short, fucktard."


She slammed her fist into his nose.

"HOLY FUCK!!!" He grabbed his nose and she smirked and walked over to someone else, letting Izlude sit there and hold his nose. He felt it.

"Damn, you're weak, too."


"Not the right thing to say."
Mustadio looked at JENOVA, "Now what? They got away..." JENOVA smirked.

"Let them think they're...safe for a while, m'dear..."

Mustadio nodded, his blue eyes shifting to straight ahead instead of at his "owner". JENOVA laughed softly.

"You're so much better than my last puppet..no human emotions, just pure idiocy. Only a moron trusts a someone they meet randomly..."

"...A trusting idiot," He replied softly, touching his necklace, which held the black materia, "..Not all trusting people are idiots, ma'am." He turned and smiled at her. That was the only emotion he could show, evidently. If that counted at all. JENOVA touched his shoulder.

"Isn't it nice..not being in love with either of those witches? You don't feel that pain anymore..." She smirked and shook her head, "No pain, Mustadio."

He nodded slowly. Inside, he was crying desperately to be freed.

(( o_o ... Oh ... ^_^ BLOOWY UPY! ))
* * *
* * *
Cecil stared at Izlude. Then paused. "Why... is it... with Ray around... EVERY DAMN PERSON KNOWS MEH!??" She then huffed slightly and smiled. "Mah name is Cecilia Arista. Call me Cecil... or... I might have to take all your moneys." She giggled. But... she sure as hell wasn't kidding. She grinned at Agrias. "HIYA! I like... haven't seen you... in like... uhm..." She tapped her forehead, trying to think. Then she paused again. Then opened her mouth, then shut it again. "Fack... what was that damn word? UGH!!" She gasped, the idea hitting her hard head. "I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN LIKE FOREVER!!!!" She squealed. Then she giggled. "Whoo, that was fun."
Loki blinked, his eyes slightly glowing. ((They do that. THEY SERIOUSLY FUCKING DO THAT! And... -_-;; When I saw that, it scared the piss outta me.)) He shook his head and closed his eyes, shoving his hands in his pockets. "The day may end in peril, I have no clue for once."

Name: Archinbaldinflickerhaagen 'Ace' Arista (whoo, that's a long name.)
Alias: AAACE!
Age: -_- Old. OOOOLD.

He is a fat... old... dood... KITTY DOOD!! LIKE BAKU!! YAY! o_o;; Anyways, he is like... Cecil's dad. Amazingly enough. OR IS HE?!! Anyway, he adopts ass loads of children in need. Like... Saaal... and Boooower... and... MYKALL!! Who I dun really give a shit about- I MEAN! He's not important. At all. AT ALL. ANYWAYS- He tries to make the most explosive of bombs... and laugh at them... Because.... It's what he does. ...hem hem... anyway, Cecil has no damn idea that he's her father. 'Cuz... he stays away from her. Because... ... ... She's fucked up- I MEAN _HE'S_ FUCKED UP! Uhm.. so yeah. WooT WooT to Aaaace.

((AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! o_o Why, chu wonder? I was so damn bored. -_-;; ))
* * *
Ramza sat down, then sat Alma in his lap and they quickly starting chattering away. Izlude sighed and ordered another drink, downing it. Then he looked at Cecil, "Who the fuck are you, anyways?" He smiled warmly at her and then looked at the excited Ramza and Alma. He blinked.

"Dear Lord, if they're anything like one another, they're gonna be chattering for a while..." He sighed and shook his head. Agrias leaned on him.

"Yep. They always talk for a long amount of time. Don't worry about them being in love, though. Trust me. They're like twins. They feel each other's pain and shit like that," She grinned at Cecil, "So don't either of you worry. They're related, nothing more. I've heard both ramble about the other, I've known Ramza and Alma for a long time." She chuckled, and actually sat on Izlude's lap. Izlude made a small sound of protest, but she didn't move. He sorta gave up after that, 'cuz Agrias was kinda scary.

Terra flicked something at Agrias. Who rolled her eyes.

The door the the tavern opened and someone pranced in.

"...Like, wow, this place is full..." A short woman stood there, her eyes weirded out. She then giggled and sat down next to Ramza and Alma, and bounced around.
Raenee nodded, "You've got a point, dear..." She tossed a glare at Ajora, who sneered back. Then Raenee snapped and they appeared in front of the bar. Ajora ran off instantly. Raenee was grateful for that.

NAME :: Jenette 'Alucard' Alcara Belmont
AGE :: 20
JOB :: Look at her NAME. What do you THINK she is!? Oh..wait..o_o Sorry, my mistake, y'all haven't played Castlevania, you wouldn't...get it. She's a Vampire Hunter.
WEAPON :: Whip. Again, another CSVNA parody thing.
LOOKS :: Short, and I mean SHORT. 4'9" short. Short brown hair (OMG, I mean...shorter than my hair.) , blue eyes. Normal clothes consist of the traditional Belmont trechcoat/duster in that shifts colours to her mood and other...stuff....like...^_^ A cowboy hat. J/K.
PROFILE :: She's....kinda happy-go-lucky. She likes bouncing around and she bothers most people. She's rather hyper active for a so called Belmont (No, I'm not crossovering again...) but she does her job well. She has little 'connections' here and there with Rufus' Turks, and just about everyone else. She might LOOK innocent, but she's a master thief, not to mention a cheater at gambling. She likes her money, and she holds it close. Not even Cecilia Arista can steal from her, of that I am sure.

She's fuckin' creepy, and was meant for agility. However, she is strong.

She isn't invincible, though. Every cheat has their weak point.

And she might find that out when gambling. Someday, maybe.

(( OMG, Alucard sounds like fun. Remember. Here, Alucard is a fuckin' CHICK. BOOYAKA! ))
* * *
Cecil giggled at Izlude and grinned. "Yeah, I guess. I mean.. Yeah." She blinked, then shrugged. She then paused, remembering... how close Ramza and Alma were... And... maybe a little too close... She sneezed and closed her eyes. What did she care? They were brother and sister, let them do what they wanted. As long as it didn't interfere with HER relationship with him.
Loki sighed heavily. "WELL? What are we going to do? Sit here and snap at each other? Or find a place to eat and sleep? Because... I'm getting tired of this..." He looked off again, having said what he had kept in for a bit.
* * *
Ramza stared at Alma and Izlude for a moment before Alma and Ramza flew at each other and embraced tightly.

"Brother! I missed you so much!" She sobbed softly, "I've been traveling with someone horrible, Izlude has been my rock for fuckin' sanity!" She whined unhappily. Ramza raised an eyebrow.

"I missed you, too, Sis. Which horrible person was this? I know a lot of horrible people," He smiled at her and hugged her softly, then lifted her and swirled her around. She giggled happily. Izlude raised an eyebrow.

"Vormov Tingle kidnapped me...kinda. At first...well...let's just say...I've been travelling with him...for a while..." She sighed, "And it wasn't a good thing, either!" Ramza nodded.

"I can imagine. Are you okay, though?"

"Aside from a few bruises, yeah..." She smiled. Izlude sat down next to Cecil.

"They're creepy. Sis and I never did that with each other."
Raenee pouted for a moment, "This is really fuckin' pleasant, isn't it?" Ajora smirked.

"Why, yes, dearest daughter, it is."

"Shuttup or I'll gut you."
* * *
Raydran sighed heavily and shook her head, thinking of how HAPPY Cecil probably is. It was like the girl to be... so damn happy... She shoved her hair out of her face and shoved her hands in her pockets, walking in the opposite direction of Goug.
"Well. It's not like you to run away."
Raydran glanced around to see Kairi in front of her, hands on her hips. Raydran scowled.
"No... It's not. But now I'll make an exception." She replied to her little sister.
"How... odd...." Kairi touched Raydran's shoulder. "What's wrong?"
"NOTHING! NOTHING'S FUCKING WRONG! I'm just... searching."
"For what?"
"Dunno. But when I find it, I'll know."
Cecil closed her eyes. "I'm hungry." She looked at Alma and Izlude, mouth slightly open. Then she pounced to the bar and ordered more food than she could eat. Because.... You eat stuff.... when you're drunk.
Loki nodded slightly. For once in his life, he had no idea what to do. But he wouldn't show that he didn't. He couldn't. He'd keep his cool expression, even under such pressure.
* * *
* * *